Selecting the ideal ecommerce platform for your business

Selecting a new commerce platform is a significant decision. You require a solution that can evolve with your business as it scales, meeting all your needs. Let’s explore the various questions to ponder while choosing the perfect commerce platform.

Choosing a SaaS Solution

SaaS (Software as a Service) commerce solutions operate on a centrally-hosted subscription model, ensuring predictable fees and secure cloud storage for your files and data. Thanks to their flexibility, SaaS commerce solutions significantly reduce the time needed for migration from other platforms.

Top-notch SaaS commerce solutions possess the following qualities:

  • Swift iteration on platform design and functionality
  • Automatic updates for the latest tech, compliance, and security features
  • Cloud-based management accessible from anywhere, on any device
  • Scalability to support your business as it grows in complexity
  • Easy product catalogue management without requiring a developer
  • Predictable monthly subscription fees for cost forecasting
  • Global selling capabilities on marketplaces, mobile, social, and in-person
  • Open API for customisable apps and integrations to tailor your store
  • SEO-friendly architecture during and after migration

understanding your Requirements

Every business is unique, and understanding your specific requirements plays a pivotal role in selecting the commerce platform that suits you best and recognising when migration becomes necessary. Consider these questions:

  • Do spikes in traffic cause your store to slow down?
  • Has your commerce platform crashed during critical moments?
  • Does your team spend excessive time managing the backend of your site?
  • Do you have the autonomy to launch new products or experiments?
  • Are many customer service requests related to site issues?
  • Do you yearn for a centralised business management system?


If most of your answers are affirmative, it’s time to assess whether the cost of maintaining your current setup outweighs the benefits of migrating to a more robust platform.

Selecting the optimal solution

When it comes to selecting a new commerce platform, there are numerous factors to consider. To streamline your options, utilise this checklist to pose the right questions about each platform:

Is the platform fast and reliable?

Will the platform remain operational during high-volume shopping days?

What level of security and compliance does it guarantee?

Look for Level 1 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance,
and automatic security management.

Does the platform integrate with your tech stack?

Opt for tech-agnostic platforms that work seamlessly with your current technologies.

How customisable is your store?

Understand the platform’s capabilities for meeting your customisation needs and
explore available tools.

What is the estimated migration duration?

Ideally, the migration process shouldn’t exceed eight to 10 months.

What support and resources will be available during and after migration?

Familiarise yourself with the platform’s support offerings.

How will migration impact your SEO rankings?

The aim is for migration to have minimal long-term impact on SEO.

How are site tech updates managed?

Choose a SaaS solution to benefit from continuous tech updates without extra costs
or manual installations for integration updates.

Strategising for the future

By comprehending the advantages of a SaaS solution, assessing your business’s unique requirements, and posing relevant inquiries, you can effectively evaluate all aspects while choosing a new commerce solution.

While migration demands time and effort, embracing the right commerce solution lays the groundwork for a stable and adaptable business.

This robust foundation enables your business to thrive in the present and future, propelling it to new heights.

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