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Grabbing Consumer’s Attention: What Ads Resonate in 2023

Grabbing Consumer's Attention

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital advertising, understanding what resonates with consumers is crucial for brands to cut through the noise and make an impact. Let’s delve into the latest trends and insights to uncover what makes ads stand out in 2023. 

1. Most Engaging Ads: Interactive Content Leads the Way 

Interactive content continues to reign as the most effective form of advertising, capturing attention and driving active engagement with brands. In a recent survey, it was found that consumers are increasingly drawn to TV and streaming ads, with 40% acknowledging their impact on TV and 27% on streaming platforms. These figures show a slight increase from previous years, indicating a growing appetite for video content. 

However, despite the heightened visibility of ads, there is a resistance among consumers to visit marketplaces for purchasing, with 49% expressing reluctance. To address this, advertisers are now focusing on attention-based metrics such as video completes and in-view time to measure ad effectiveness. These metrics provide a deeper understanding of whether an ad not only reached the consumer but also resonated with them. 

2. Sales and Discounts: Capturing Consumer Attention 

Currently, advertisements featuring sales and discounts are commanding the most attention. These sales-oriented ads have proven to be the most impactful form of retail media advertising, resonating with 51% of digital shoppers in the United States who actively pay attention to them. 

Moreover, specific consumer segments, such as Gen X, Millennials, high earners, and parents, are more likely to engage with video, livestreaming, and audio ad types. This insight can help advertisers tailor their content to target these demographics more effectively. 

3. Most Helpful Ads: Video Ads on Amazon and Walmart 

Consumers shopping on e-commerce giants like Amazon and Walmart find video ads particularly helpful, with 36% on Amazon and 30% on Walmart expressing appreciation for this format. These platforms are also evolving their ad offerings, with Amazon offering off-site placement on premium apps and websites, providing advertisers with access to high-quality audiences and enhanced ad performance. 

Walmart is making strides in in-store advertising, capitalizing on increased in-store traffic. Despite the shift towards online shopping during the pandemic, in-store traffic has risen nearly 20% compared to pre-pandemic levels, making in-store advertising a strategic move for brands. 

4. Challenges in Ads Visibility: Evolving Consumer Habits 

Ads within search results are facing diminished visibility as consumer habits and preferences evolve. Outside of search, 47% of consumers acknowledge noticing ads on product detail pages, marking an 11% decrease from 2022. This decline may be attributed to the changing composition and content of product pages, as well as the increasing dominance of price as a decision factor. 

As the average cost-per-click (CPC) continues to rise, advertisers need to be highly selective with their ad content and creative strategies. Adapting to these shifts in consumer behavior and the increasing costs of advertising is crucial for brands to remain relevant and competitive in the digital commerce landscape

5. Consumer Behaviour Shifts: The Rise of Purpose-Driven Search 

Consumer behaviour is shifting towards more specific and purpose-driven search patterns, with 56% of consumers now choosing to scroll to the bottom of search results. This trend indicates a preference for focused browsing with intent, leading to reduced noticeability of ads. 

To capture consumer attention effectively, advertisers need to focus on specific product details that matter most to consumers, such as price, image representation, ratings, Prime eligibility, and product titles. These elements play a vital role in influencing purchase decisions and should be optimized to stand out in a crowded marketplace. 


In conclusion, the landscape of digital advertising is constantly evolving, with consumer preferences driving the demand for more engaging and relevant content. Advertisers need to stay abreast of these changes and adapt their strategies to resonate with consumers effectively. By understanding the latest trends and insights in advertising, brands can craft compelling campaigns that capture attention and drive meaningful engagement with their target audience. 


Q: What types of ads are most engaging in 2024?
A: Interactive content and sales-oriented ads are currently the most engaging forms of advertising. 

Q: How can advertisers adapt to the evolving landscape of digital advertising?
A: Advertisers can adapt by focusing on attention-based metrics, tailoring content to specific consumer segments, and optimizing ad content for relevance and engagement. 

Q: What are the key factors influencing consumer behaviour in digital advertising?
A: Factors such as price, image representation, ratings, Prime eligibility, and product titles are crucial in influencing consumer behaviour in digital advertising. 

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